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Welcome To Grifeo, Profile Management Center, India

We'll be with you on every walk of life on how to identify new opportunities.

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Theory and analysis are great, but they can't get you far without the best of all teachers: experience. We are a leading profile management center in India

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Grifeo is trusted by some of the most important education and corporates' and you can trust us, too. We are a top profile management center in India

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Whatever services we're providing, we back them up with straightforward, thorough communication with our clients.

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Data-driven Decision Making

Data is everywhere, but most organisations aren't using it to its fullest potential. We'll show you how.

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Custom Solutions

Not every organisation is the same, so not every solution can be either. Grifeo works with you.

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At Grifeo, we never stop looking for newer, more effective ways to meet your needs.

About Us

We offer a full range of Profile Management Services.

Grifeo is a registered TM & MM Media & Management Services, a registered partnership firm, was founded in the year 2010.  focus on Humen Resource development. Based in Bhubaneswar

We have focused on potential employment generation through proper resource development. Our vow on Right Profile Right Position.Read More....

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We offer a full range of Profile Management Services.